Donate to our “Members on Board” Summer Fundraising Campaign!

Please donate to our “Members on Board” summer fundraising campaign today!

You believe in our work to win better subways and buses for more than eight million daily riders, and to keep fares affordable for the New Yorkers who can least afford to pay more. And we can’t do it without you.

Now we’re asking you to take your support to the next level: please contribute to our “Members on Board” summer fundraising campaign.

Riders Alliance members are leading the grassroots fight for public transportation. Just this month, you held a dramatic reading of our “Subway Horror Stories” outside Governor Cuomo’s office in Manhattan, rallied for better C train service in Brooklyn, testified at Bus Rapid Transit hearings in Queens, and reached out to literally thousands of riders — to build a movement of riders demanding results.

Riders Alliance members are holding our elected officials accountable for better transit service and affordable fares. We’re building a powerful grassroots movement.

We need your help to make it happen. Please donate to our “Members on Board” summer fundraising campaign today so we can continue to fight for better service at affordable fares for millions of New Yorkers.

We Read Your Subway Horror Stories at Gov. Cuomo’s Office!

Subway Horror Stories002 web copyOn Sunday, Riders Alliance members camped out in front of Governor Cuomo’s New York City office, gathering around our campfire to share your Subway Horror Stories. Thanks to everyone who joined us for a great event!

If you couldn’t make it to the event, you can sign our #RideCuomoRide petition inviting the Governor to take a ride with us during rush hour to see for himself what all your horror stories are about! You can also read more about the event at the New York Post, New York Daily NewsamNY, and Metro New York!

We also want to thank everyone–over 400 of you!–who submitted their stories. We wanted to share some of our favorites with you, so that the next time you’re underground on a C train with no air conditioning or waiting on a platform wondering whether the L will show up today, you’ll know you’re not alone!

Subway Horror Stories001 web copy

But the story doesn’t end here: our terrible tales can have happier endings if G

overnor Cuomo and our Legislature step up and fund our subways and buses.

Right now, the MTA’s five-year capital plan has a $14 billion funding gap–and it’s up to our Governo

r and Legislature to close it. If Governor Cuomo

doesn’t fund our subways and buses, fares will go up and service will get worse–and riders will have many more subway horror stories to tell.

If you agree that Governor Cuomo should fund the MTA, sign our #RideCuomoRide petition. After seeing what New Yorkers deal with every day, we’re sure he’ll finally understand why we need him to be a leader for better public transit in New York. And after you sign our petition, head over here to read some of your Subway Horror Stories!

Has your subway gotten worse?

subwayhorrorstoriesqns-7Our members report that subway service has been a disaster this week. Trains not arriving, hours spent underground… Has this happened to you?

If so, please share your subway horror story with us.  We’re collecting riders’ stories to take to Governor Cuomo and members of the state legislature, who have to decide whether or not to fully fund the next MTA capital plan.

Our elected leaders need to know that their decisions have real impacts on people’s lives.  It’s MTA capital funding that pays for new signals, new train cars–all of the things that have been breaking down all over town.  And there is a $15 billion gap in the next MTA capital plan.

Share your subway horror story today.  Give us the gory details on our web site, or tweet at us @RidersNY with our hashtags #SubwayStruggles #ThanksCuomo.

Help us tell lawmakers: transit funding matters, and bankrupting the MTA has consequences. Share your subway story and we’ll take it to the top!


Riders Alliance 2015 Campaign Plan

Neighborhood by neighborhood, Riders Alliance members are fighting for better public transit service at affordable fares for all New Yorkers. We hope you’ll join us as we embark on our ambitious 2015 agenda!

Some of our 2015 campaigns include:


1. State Funding for Public Transit
Metrocard fares are rising yet again–for the fifth time in just seven years. If Governor Cuomo and legislators don’t step up and do their part to fund the MTA’s 5-year capital plan, riders could face even larger fare hikes in the future. We’re organizing riders to fight for the funds we need to keep our subways and buses running–without another enormous hike in transit fares. Visit to join the fight for fair fares!

2. Bus Rapid Transit for NYC
Almost 900,000 New Yorkers commute more than an hour each way to work, and that number is growing. Bus Rapid Transit can help: a real BRT system would help hundreds of thousands of people spend less time in transit and more time at home with their families. Riders Alliance members are pushing for BRT on key corridors around the city:

  • Woodhaven Boulevard in Queens
  • Flushing-Jamaica in Queens
  • Utica Avenue in Central Brooklyn
  • 86th Street in Manhattan

Visit to learn what you can do to help win this important–and cost-effective–improvement for bus riders.

3. Improving the C Train in Central Brooklyn
The C train is notoriously infrequent and unreliable, but it’s a lifeline for many New Yorkers—especially in Central Brooklyn, where riders have no other options.  We won a Full Line Review of the A and C trains; now it’s time to make sure that review leads to real changes.  Visit to get involved.

4. Implementing Pre-Tax Transit Benefits

Last year we won important new citywide legislation that expands access to pre-tax transit benefits—which could help save the average New Yorker making the median wage as much as $443 per year. We estimate that 450,000 New York City residents will newly gain access to transit benefits when the bill goes into effect. Our next job is to follow though and make sure that the city implements this new law as effectively and aggressively as possible. Contact to help out.

5. Expanding Countdown Clocks
In 2014, we won $3 million in new funds in the City budget to expand the number of bus stop countdown clocks in the city—from only a handful of bus stop countdown clocks right now to more than 100 next year. In 2015, we’re going to keep up the pressure to make sure these bus stop countdown clocks are actually installed, and to make them cheaper so we can win more.  We may even expand our countdown clock campaign to include the lettered subway lines that still don’t have this popular technology. Contact to let us know you’re on board.

6. …and more!
What is your idea to improve public transit? Riders Alliance is always looking for ideas to improve public transit in New York. Please tell us what will make your commute better—we welcome input on concerns as universal as “I think crosstown buses should be free” and as specific as “the signage is confusing at my subway station.” How could subway or bus service improve for you? Tell us here.

Why Woodhaven Boulevard Needs Bus Rapid Transit

Bus riders know first-hand: Woodhaven and Cross Bay Boulevards need fixing.  This major corridor claims the highest number of pedestrian fatalities in all of Queens every year. And it’s congested: for the 30,000 bus riders who ride along this corridor every day, it can mean extreme commutes of up to 2 hours sitting on the bus in traffic.

That’s why bus riders are fighting for Bus Rapid Transit on Woodhaven and Cross Bay Boulevard. The DOT recently unveiled it’s design proposals for how to fix Woodhaven Blvd with many of the improvements we have been fighting for–like median bus-lanes, off-board fare collection, and wider walkways for pedestrians.

But there’s still a lot more work ahead. Bus riders and allies in our BRT for NYC coalition created a video to show why local residents need these improvements on Woodhaven Boulevard. Please watch our video and share it with family and friends!  Use our hashtag: #fixwoodhaven to help spread the word.

Why Woodhaven Boulevard Needs Bus Rapid Transit:

Get in touch with Jess to join the campaign at or 212-590-9428.