Transit Benefits

Mimi - compressedA New York City commuter who uses pre-tax transit benefits can save hundreds of dollars a year on public transportation–if you buy a monthly Metrocard, that’s $1,400 you don’t have to pay taxes on.

But riders can only take advantage of the tax break if it’s offered as a benefit by their employer–that’s the way the tax break works.  Working with Council Member Garodnick and the New York City Council, we passed a law that will require larger employers to let their employees set aside pre-tax money for transit.  Starting January 1, 2016, our law will make an additional 450,000 New Yorkers eligible for this transit tax break.

Use our Commuter Benefits Savings Calculator and estimate how much you’ll save with the new law. Go to Then spread the word: share your annual savings on social media! @ridersny #MyTransitBenefits!

See our report that helped launch the campaign for pre-tax transit benefits:

Report methodology is available in detail here.

And stay in touch as we work to implement and publicize the law–and make transit cheaper for hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers.