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Bus Turnaround
Buses are slow, overcrowded, and often delayed. Tell us about your most recent “Woes on the Bus” with us!

Fix and Fund The Subway!

Delays have more than tripled in 5 years as the aging system struggles to keep up with ridership. Sign our petition telling Governor Cuomo to fund the MTA’s new  “Fast Forward” modernization plan.

Free Transfer

Riders need affordable, reliable transfer points. Sign on in favor of a new free transfer between the L train at Livonia Avenue and the 3 train at Junius Street.

New Options for L Train Riders

The MTA is planning to close the L train tunnels between Brooklyn and Manhattan for 18 months to conduct important post-Sandy repairs. We want to hear from you: what should the MTA do during the shutdown to make sure you can get around without the L?