L Train Campaign

What the L is happening?

L train is a daily lifeline for over 300,000 New Yorkers. Starting in 2019, that lifeline is going to be severed: due to damage caused by Hurricane Sandy, the L train will be shut down for a period of 18 months between Bedford and 8th AvThe L train is shutting down.for 18 months starting in 2019enue. While these repairs are necessary, there is no doubt that the shutdown will cause major disruptions for hundreds of New Yorkers.

With ridership skyrocketing in neighborhoods along the route, we need new transit options that will not only help riders survive the 18-month shutdown, but confront the current challenges of overcrowding and delays. That’s why we decided to fight for good public transit alternatives so we can get around during the shutdown and relieve overcrowding along the L even after the tunnels are repaired.

Our Campaign and Community Consensus Proposal

Last summer we began our mission of talking to thousands of riders who filled out our survey to identify new transit options for the L train shutdown. We canvassed L train stations from Chelsea (Manhattan) to Canarsie (Brooklyn).

After dozens of conversations with elected officials, community groups, transit advocates, and business associations, in partnership with the Regional Plan Association, we came up with plan called: Fixing the L Train and Managing the Shutdown: A Community Consensus Proposal.

So what now?

We’re organizing riders throughout the corridor to fight for the kinds of alternatives we’ll need during the L train shutdown. With less than two years to go, we need the City and State to work towards implementing new options now.