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Three positions are currently open: Digital Organizer, Field Organizer, and Part Time Canvasser


Every one of NYC’s 8.5 million residents depends in some way on the city’s subway system. That system is in desperate need of a modernization and upgrade; delays have tripled in five years, and on-time performance hovers around a dismal 65%. When the subway falters, hundreds of thousands of people suffer. And the vast majority are online; with every new delay, they are likely using their phones to contact a boss, vent on social media, and keep themselves entertained. This presents a tremendous opportunity to organize riders into a powerful political force. The core task of this position is to organize and channel the daily frustration of millions of New York City transit riders into effective power and pressure on decision-makers to enact the laws and funding we will need to repair our transit system.

Riders Alliance is seeking a Digital Organizer to tackle the above challenge by building a dynamic and effective digital organizing program. The Digital Organizer’s work will coincide with RA launching a large-scale effort to organize and mobilize riders to win congestion pricing—a fair, sustainable source of transit funding that can modernize our transit system.

The Digital Organizer will be responsible for executing our strategy on our campaigns to fix the subway, to turn around local bus service, and to win other improvements in public transit while working in close collaboration with multiple staff members.

The ideal candidate has experience building and expanding digital organizing programs, is passionate about organizing and engagement, and can work creatively to engage the diverse group of New Yorkers who use public transit and are members of the Riders Alliance.

The Digital Organizer will:

  • Advance RA’s campaigns. Use online actions and digital tools to enhance our campaign tactics and increase the pressure our membership is able to exert on elected officials and decision makers. This also includes coordinating rapid response opportunities to engage riders during mass delays, breakdowns, and other organizing or mobilizing opportunities.
  • Expand RA’s reach. Recruit new followers and members. Increase the number of people RA communicates with regularly on all social media platforms and through our email program. Increase RA’s membership through online-offline organizing. Experiment with additional tools like SMS and peer-to-peer messaging services.
  • Create community online. Use creative engagement to elevate members’ stories, foster dialogue, and build buy-in from transit riders across the city. Create easily shareable and educational materials. Incorporate video, visuals, and other types of media as necessary. Build relationships with allied organizations online to increase our collective power on campaigns.
  • Improve our communications program. Conduct a rigorous analysis of RA’s current communications with members and supporters. Create guidance to improve the efficiency and impact of our member and supporter communications.


  • A minimum of 3-5 years in online community organizing and campaigns;
  • Experience developing digital organizing campaign strategy as well as executing it;
  • Strong writing skills;
  • Experience creating videos, memes, and other content;
  • Ability to work independently to develop benchmarks and metrics;
  • Commitment to transit issues and grassroots organizing;
  • Experience with online fundraising a plus;
  • Ability to write a language other than English is not required but would be beneficial.


  • Self-starter. This is an entrepreneurial position in a small but growing organization. The Digital Organizer must be able to develop, design and advance projects independently (while also knowing how and when to solicit input).
  • Able to work in a fast-paced environment. The campaigns RA runs will have moments where quick responses are critical. The Digital Organizer should have their finger on the pulse of the news and happenings on social media, and be able to identify opportunities to productively engage.
  • Sense of humor. This is a new position and will surely face challenges.

This is a full-time, salaried position. Hours are flexible, and include some nights and weekends. Salary range is commensurate with experience, with a generous benefit package.

How to apply:

Please send a resume and cover letter to Daniel Coates at with “Digital Organizer” in the subject. The Riders Alliance is an equal opportunity employer, and we strongly encourage candidates from diverse backgrounds to apply for the position.


The Field Organizer will be responsible for a substantial amount of this work and will play a critically important role in building a movement of riders from all corners of the city that can win the improvements we need.

The Field Organizer will:

  • Recruit transit riders from across the city and engage them in our campaign;
  • Train riders to tell their stories, recruit others, work with elected officials and press, and use other tactics to build a broad public call for action to fix the subway;
  • Develop creative ideas to advance the campaign, bring people together and tell a story about the importance of the subway, particularly for working-class New Yorkers;
  • Manage relationships with contacts throughout the city and with people of all different backgrounds and walks of life;
  • Work collaboratively with the Riders Alliance staff as well as allied organizations to drive a shared strategy;
  • Manage time independently and spend substantial amount of time in the field;
  • Manage earned media events, press and elected official relationships to advance our work;


  • Strong understanding of community organizing, including managing campaigns, developing leadership, and recruiting members.
  • Ability to lead locally-relevant issue-based campaigns in low-income communities, communities of color, immigrant communities, and middle-class communities.
  • Excellent people skills: ability to quickly build relationships, to listen to and persuade people, and to engage people effectively around a common goal.
  • Strong communication skills, including public speaking and writing.
  • One year of experience in a community organizing or a political/governmental role, or equivalent educational experience.
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent work experience.
  • Ability to communicate in a language other than English is preferred;
  • A demonstrated commitment to the values we believe public transit embodies; inclusion, democracy, opportunity, and equity.

This is a full-time position guaranteed until March 2019, with the potential to become permanent. Salary is commensurate with experience.

How to apply:

Please send a cover letter and resume to Daniel Coates at with “Field Organizer” in the subject. The Riders Alliance is an equal opportunity employer, and we strongly encourage candidates from diverse backgrounds to apply for the position.



The Canvasser, working under the active supervision of the Deputy Director and the Canvass Director, is responsible for engaging with community members and cultivating relationships with potential volunteers through surveys, signed petitions, and events. The Canvasser collects survey data for various grassroots campaigns.

The Canvasser will:

  • Engage community members in transit campaigns in targeted communities in person and on the phone;
  • Build membership and grass-roots community participation for the organization;
  • Record contacts made, contact results, and information collected in an organized manner;
  • Ensure accuracy and usability of data and information collected.


  • Previous experience with canvassing, phone banking, or community organizing, or equivalent educational experience.
  • Preferred: ability to fluently speak language(s) other than English.
  • Preferred: familiarity with communities and community politics in New York City.

Pay is hourly and compensation for travel is included. Scheduling and hours are flexible.

How to apply:

Send your resume, a brief description of yourself and your previous experience, and your schedule availability to Kristin Wright, at Applications will be considered on a rolling basis. The Riders Alliance is an equal opportunity employer, and we strongly encourage candidates from diverse backgrounds to apply for the position.