Fix The Subway!

Public transit ridership is growing, but public investment hasn’t increased to match it.  As a result, our subways are bursting at the seams–and without a strong commitment of funds to expand service and upgrade equipment, there’s no relief in sight for riders.  If Governor Cuomo and state lawmakers don’t reverse years of underinvestment, service will continue to deteriorate–and riders will end up paying more, which is a regressive way to fund a service that the entire city relies on.

Subway Horror Stories001 web copyBut riders are getting organized!  In 2015, we worked hard to show the real-life consequences of underfunding for transit.  We collected hundreds of “Subway Horror Stories” into a book, then held a book launch outside Governor Cuomo’s office.  When the governor ignored our invitation to ride the subway and see the conditions firsthand, we took Cardboard Cutout Cuomo on a tour instead.  And we went to Albany–again and again–to make the case with our elected officials.

Now, Governor Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio have committed almost $11 billion to fill the gap in the MTA’s capital budget, but we think our work is just beginning.  Riders have to hold our elected officials to their promises, and to continue our push for sustainable, dedicated funding that can support public transit for decades into the future.

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