Fix The Subway!

Riders needed to win state funding to fix the subway and after years of organizing, we won much of what we needed, including a historic congestion pricing program. With other taxes, this budget will raise over $1 billion per year and allow the MTA to finance $25 billion in crucial upgrades. The budget also reforms the MTA to promote efficiency, transparency, and accountability.

Read more about what congestion pricing will mean for New York City here:

Subway Horror Stories001 web copyWe won by getting organized!  Grassroots members of the Riders Alliance worked hard to show the real-life consequences of underfunding for transit.  We collected hundreds of “Subway Horror Stories” into a book, then held a book launch outside Governor Cuomo’s office.  When the governor ignored our invitation to ride the subway and see the conditions firsthand, we took Cardboard Cutout Cuomo on a tour instead.  We launched a text tool to connect riders to their legislators. We went to Albany–again and again–to make the case with our elected officials. And much much more.

See the full history of how we won and some of the fun actions that we created on this Twitter thread!

What’s next? We will be fighting to make sure that riders get what they need from these funds.  If you’d like to help us make that happen, please email or RSVP here to come to our upcoming strategy meetings