Tell Albany We Need Real Bus Lane Enforcement Now!

It’s time for Albany to give bus riders real priority on NYC streetsState law currently limits camera enforcement of bus lanes to just 16 bus routes in Manhattan. This is just a fraction of bus lanes, leaving thousands of riders stuck behind cars.

  • NYC’s buses are the slowest in the country. They crawl our streets at average of 7 mph. We urgently need to enforce bus lanes to speed up our buses and get riders moving.

  • There are over two million bus riders who rely on buses everyday.  75% of bus riders are people of color and on average are lower-income. Reliable buses is about racial and economic equity.

It’s time for Albany to expand the bus camera enforcement to all bus lanes in New York City. When bus lanes are clear, riders save valuable time. It’s time we #RespectBusLanes!

Act Now!