Bus Rapid Transit

More than 879,000 New Yorkers commute more than an hour each way, and 2/3 of those “extreme commuters” earn less than $35,000 a year.BRT 1-pager 2

A new Pratt Center report demonstrates that for less than 1/10 the cost of subway construction, New York can connect low-income residents with jobs throughout the five boroughs while giving people more time to spend with their families by implementing Bus Rapid Transit (BRT). Similiar to Select Bus Serivce–BRT has been proven to increase bus speeds and reliability by building a bus-only lane along medians, reduce congestion for motorists, and increase pedestrian safety for all.

BRT on Woodhaven Blvd and Cross Bay Blvd

The city is considering implementing BRT on Woodhaven Blvd in Queens, and it’s important that bus riders and other local stakeholders make their voices heard. Streetsblog is calling this plan the “the most exciting street redesign in the works in New York City right now.” And the Daily News highlights how BRT could significantly speed up travel times for bus riders.

Help 30,000 people who take the bus on Woodhaven Blvd win BRT for their communities! Here’s what you can do:

  • Watch this video from bus riders on Woodhaven Blvd to hear why they want BRT: ridersny.org/brt-video
  • Sign the petition here: ridersny.org/woodhaven-petition!
  • To get involved, contact Stephanie at 212-590-9414 or stephanie@ridersny.org and visit BRTforNYC.com.

BRT for Flushing-Jamaica: Victory!

Our members just won better bus service along Main St! Through organizing, meeting with elected officials, and collecting petitions we were able to build our bus rider power. The Q44 SBS officially went into service November 2015 and our members have already started feeling the improvements. Read what our members had to say in the Queens Tribune and the Queens Courier.

We need world-class BRT to meet the needs of a growing New York City. BRT is a cost-effective way to address city-wide issues of social inequity that predominantly affect low-income communities and communities of color. To get involved, contact Stephanie Veras at 212-590-9414 or stephanie@ridersny.org.