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Save $ with Pre-Tax Transit Benefits

4-27-14 transit benefits rally photo --patty huttonThe average New Yorker can save $443 every year with pre-tax transit benefits–a hefty savings when the fare keeps going up.

Help us pass Council Member Garodnick’s Affordable Transit Act, which would help hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers access this transit tax break by requiring employers of 20 or more people to offer the benefit to their staff.

It’s a win-win: riders get a break, and employers save money on taxes.

On Sunday, April 27th, we rallied with Council Member Garodnick and transit advocates in support of this legislation. Please see our press release here.

See our report that shows how this important legislation could open up transit benefits to as many as 605,000 New Yorkers who don’t currently receive them.

G train victory!

tolani at press conference cropped

The Riders Alliance announces a significant victory in its grassroots push for better G train service.  The MTA’s Full Line Review of the G train, which we requested with State Senators Daniel Squadron and Martin Dilan, was released on July 15th and its recommendations contain many of the top priority campaign goals of the Riders Alliance.

The report marks a significant victory for G train riders and for the
Riders Alliance members who have worked so hard over the last year to
organize their fellow passengers and build public support for a better G

Click here for more details about the report.

See our complete press release below. We will share more details as they become available.


Riders Alliance Presents… the G Train Workout Plan

Credit: Soffin Films

Get fit on the G train and sign our petition for better service!

The G Train Workout Plan is designed to improve your endurance, burn calories and increase flexibility. Make infrequent and unreliable G train service work for you! Our workout consists of these easy-to-follow exercises:

THE SPRINT to catch a train
THE STRETCH to reach a pole
THE HIKE to another line when the G is late again

Exercise your right to a better G train. Sign the Riders Alliance petition for more frequent trains, better communication with riders and free transfers to nearby lines. Then tweet @ridersny to tell us how you shaped up with the #Gtrainworkoutplan.

We’ll Come Roaring Back

See Pete Donohue’s beautiful piece in today’s Daily News. Transit matters–and this week’s disaster helps us see that.

Let’s take a moment to recognize the extraordinary efforts of everyone who is working to bring service back and re-connect our city to itself.