at last, a plan to fix the subway

We have some good news about the subway!

After years of delays, meltdowns, and unreliability, and your ceaseless work to hold our elected leaders accountable, I’m happy to report: there is now, for the first time, an official plan to fix the subway.

We have a crisis. Now we have a plan. And we will do everything in our power in the coming years to make that plan a reality. Help us take this first step by adding your name to our new online petition, demanding that Governor Cuomo lead the way.

Yesterday morning, MTA NYC Transit President Andy Byford presented the new “Fast Forward” modernization plan. The plan is bold, ambitious and necessary. If it happens, it will make our subway more reliable and accessible and our buses faster, improving the lives of millions of New Yorkers every day.

Your tireless advocacy helped make this plan happen. Riders Alliance members rallied outside the Governor’s office, lobbied our elected officials and harnessed millions of riders’ frustrations from the subway platform to Albany.

But the “Fast Forward” plan cannot succeed on its own. It will require commitment from elected leaders, patience from riders, and, most importantly, billions of dollars in fair, sustainable transit funding. We need Governor Cuomo, who runs the MTA, to do the right thing and create a sustainable funding source that will produce the billions of dollars we need to make the MTA’s “Fast Forward” plan a reality.

Take action: will you sign our petition to Governor Cuomo asking him to fund “Fast Forward” now?

And if you’re not a Riders Alliance member yet, please join us today so we have the grassroots power we need to finally #FixTheSubway. Together, we can make it happen.